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There Are Many Reason Why Chiropractic Treatment Might Be Appropriate.

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Despite the bombardment of drug commercials on television, people are searching for cures without side effects, therefore a non-drug approach.

Reasons for children and infants to see a chiropractor in Raleigh, NC could be for signs such as restricted head movement to one side, difficulty breastfeeding such as preference feeding to one side, flattened head at the back or one side, one shoulder higher than the other, one lower limb longer than the other, disturbed sleep patterns, headaches, scoliosis, recurrent viral infections such as ear infection, colic, reflux and other feeding problems.

Also, we treat kids for childhood accidents or falls that concerns the parent and injuries from heavy schoolbags and postural pressures of the internet age should not be ignored. The list is very extensive.

The main focus of a chiropractic practice is not specific conditions but the functional integrity of the neuromusculoskeletal system. From the layperson’s prospective chiropractors may be said to be treating specific symptoms or disorders for instance colic, but from a chiropractic perspective they are primarily treating spinal dysfunction or lesions termed subluxations. These may be a significant factor in many disorders apparently come from the spinal region because of bio-mechanics, specific pain and other altered neurophysiology. Research was done by a Dr. Nilsson a Danish chiropractor and medical doctor demonstrating 90% success rate for effectiveness of chiropractic treatment of colic in infants.

Otitis media or middle ear infections are another common reason why it is necessary to see a Raleigh chiropractor for children. Pain is caused from inflammation in the ear with the buildup of fluid inside the ear from bacteria or viral infection. Once chronic it puts a child at risk for hearing damage. The root of the problem is a mechanical one with a reduction or blockage in drainage of the lymphatic system. Amoxicillin is the medical treatment of choice if the cause is bacterial, but research studies state it is not much more effective then the body’s immune function.

Once normal function is restored, the child’s body is able to fight the infection themselves. This is one of my favorite conditions to treat. Once they can fight it for themselves, kids tend to do very well and stay away from ear infections completely.

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