Seniors and Chiropractic Care

Thirty percent of visits to the medical doctor are for musculoskeletal complaints such as back pain, achy joints, and difficulty walking.

The problem is that some drugs given for these problems, for example pain pills can cause disorientation and falls therefore a drug-free approach is a better alternative.

I see problems where low back joint dysfunction or lack of movement can overwork the hip joints causing them to wear out/arthritis. Very common are problems with pelvic imbalance creating knee problems. Alignment and joint function go hand in hand. By having joint function impeded, surrounding joints overwork, become inflamed, creating nerve pressure and imbalance. This can cause unsteadiness and falls.

Chiropractic treatment is a great alternative to drugs and surgery. It is a great choice in preventing problems. How you take care of yourself now reflects in your longevity and happiness. Many older adults don’t realize that chiropractic treatment can be gentle, comfortable and make a huge difference in their lifestyle.

Falls are also a major concern in older adults. Did you know that falls are responsible for two thirds of unintentional injury deaths in older adults. Fear of falling affects confidence in performing daily activities, causing self-limitation and a less active lifestyle. This results in muscle atrophy and loss of strength especially in the lower extremities, which exacerbates the risk of falls.

This all becomes a viscous cycle. The old saying “It hurts when I do this, Well don’t do that”. That approach is very limiting. I prefer the saying “Move it or lose it” Make choices that are based on maintaining your body’s function. Choices you make now will affect how you are in the future.

It is very rewarding to see patients reverse symptoms of joint dysfunction. And the good news is we are able to do that. Call us today and lets get well!

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