Functional Medicine

Dr. Orlasky Helps Patients With Chronic Health Problems by Providing A Comprehensive Personal Approach To Complex Health Issues In A Systematic Way

Specifically finding and treating the cause and not just the symptoms. Functional Medicine can help the following conditions:

All of these systems are inter-related. We provide personalized care helping you navigate through this process. After reviewing the specific results in detail, we will design a treatment goal, answering any of your questions and support you through the healing process.

We understand how stressful it can be when your doctor is not listening to your needs. We pride ourselves in developing a comfortable personal dialogue where you are able to express your concerns. We then provide detail-oriented individualized coaching.

Dr. Mark Hyman On Functional Medicine And Wellness

Perhaps there are other solutions your physician may not have shared with you. The standard system of healthcare practiced by most physicians is oriented toward acute care. This approach to medicine lacks the proper methodology and tools for preventing and treating complex chronic disease.

By evaluating what genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors are affecting your health Functional Medicine Practitioners will uncover underlying issues that traditional medicine often overlook. Some examples include Adrenal gland function, hormonal imbalances, liver, digestive tract problems and abnormal blood sugar levels.

What Is Involved In A Functional Medicine Consultation?

Dr. Orlasky will personally spend time listening to your individual concerns, evaluation your medical history and addressing lab work needs such as:

  • Comprehensive Blood Chemistry

  • High-tech Stool Testing

  • Saliva Testing For Adrenal Function And Hormones

  • Food Intolerance/Hypersensitivity Blood Work Labs

What are functional medicine lab ranges and how are they different from conventional medical lab ranges?

When traditional medical doctors analyze blood work they use what are called disease parameters (what all the sick people in my geographical area are like). Therefore these pathological lab ranges are different from north to south or east to west. Functional ranges are smaller and used to access risk for disease before the disease develops. This way there is a chance of reversing the imbalance before it becomes disease. Conventional medical care is set up for when a disease has already manifested itself. Also, if lab values are not quite pathological yet, they are considered normal even if you feel bad.

By using these functional lab values, it is easier keeping patients well as opposed to having to work back through a disease state. Plus, it is easier to reverse. Some pathological conditions cannot be reversed but then must be managed.

In repairing your body we strive to use natural means such as: dietary and nutritional lifestyle changes, high quality supplements, acupuncture, chiropractic and therapeutic massage.

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