Functional Medicine Raleigh, NC

Specifically Finding and Treating The Cause and Not Just The Symptoms.

Functional Medicine Is a Highly Effective Alternative to Conventional Medicine for Treating a Wide Range of Health Conditions

Functional Medicine Can Help The Following Conditions:

Functional Medicine is Patient Focused – It Doesn’t Just Treat the Symptoms, It Heals the Whole Person.

Functional Medicine takes a systematic approach to treatment. This medicine practice aims to address the underlying causes of your health condition to achieve healing that lasts longer. Functional Medicine creates a therapeutic partnership between practitioners and patients in an attempt to seek better health remedies.

What Makes Functional Medicine Different?

Functional Medicine is a medical practice that encompasses a profound understanding of the root cause of the disease. No matter how chronic or complex a medical condition is, targeted treatment for its origin promotes quicker healing and prevents the condition from worsening.

Every person is different and so is the mix of internal and external factors that contribute to the dysfunction in their bodies, which lead to the diseases they suffer from. With functional medicine, practitioners aim to concentrate on the unique individual needs of their patients with tailored treatments.

A detailed analysis of the patient’s physiology, medical history, and lifestyle provides functional medicine practitioners with a profound understanding of the patient’s health condition. These are then dealt with a combination of traditional and alternative medicine remedies to render holistic cures and treatments.

Can Functional Medicine Really Help Me?

The systems in your body are inter-related with each other. If one of them fails to function properly, it impacts the overall health and performance of your whole body. We, at Comfort Chiropractic & Acupuncture, provide personalized Functional Medicine treatments to help you maintain the optimal functioning of your body’s internal systems.

Our Resident Functional Medicine Practitioner Dr. Orlasky Helps Patients Overcome Chronic Health Problems by Providing A Comprehensive Personalized Diagnostic and Treatment Plan.

  • We evaluate your medical history and examine your lab results.
  • We diagnose your condition employing a systematic approach to identify the origin of your health problems.
  • We determine the health goals and design the most efficient treatment plan that ensures quick and effective healing.
  • We listen to your healthcare needs, understand them, and encourage open dialogue where you get to openly express your concerns, and we answer your questions in detail.

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