Autoimmunity occurs when a person loses their self-tolerance to their own tissue.

There are 3 stages:

Stage 1 Silent Autoimmunity – Elevated antibodies but no symptoms or loss of function

Stage 2 Autoimmune reactivity – Elevated antibodies with symptoms and loss of function, but no severe tissue destruction associated with the disease

Stage 3 Autoimmune Disease – Elevated antibodies and significant symptoms, signs, lab results, imaging, and special studies associated with significant loss of function.

These stages were classified in Dr. Datis Kharrazian’s bestseller book “Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests Are Normal?”

If we can identify autoimmunity before the actual tissue destruction we can make the most impact for the patient. Why wait for the tissue destruction before making a diagnosis? In the current healthcare model, practitioners wait until there is extensive tissue damage and multiple symptoms before making a diagnosis and then prescribe corticosteroids to suppress the immune system.

If there is a family history of autoimmunity, intestinal permeability, or gluten sensitivity or fibromyalgia types of symptoms then autoimmunity can be suspected. You can also develop autoimmunity (loss of self-tolerance) to any tissue of the body: to the gut, brain (brain fog), joints and muscles (pain all over), myelin sheath (for nerve transmission), thyroid (Hashimoto’s), heart, liver, pancreas (type 1 diabetes), bone (osteoporosis), cerebellum (balance), ovaries, etc…

The warning signs and symptoms can be covered up by antidepressants, steroids, protein pump inhibitors, etc… I understand that quality of life is important but by covering the cause of the problem, tissue destruction will inevitably progress. Autoimmunity is an incurable condition and must be slowed, managed to decrease the frequency and intensity of attacks. The expression of this disease can go into remission, but not be cured.

This condition must be adequately diagnosed in order to manage it correctly as it can be very complex.

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