Headaches are so common, some people think it's just a normal part of life.

Migranes & Headaches Chiropractic Treatment

A frequent and overlooked cause of headaches is the malfunction of spinal bones in the neck and upper back or cervical region of the spine.

Headaches can be easily categorized as the most common health condition prevailing in the country. These headaches can be caused by a number of different causes. It could be stress, alcohol, or an underlying health condition that triggers them.

Sometimes headaches are caused due to the misalignment in spinal bones located in the cervical and neck areas. When these bones are displaced from their natural position, they begin irritating sensitive nerves connected to the brain. It is these irritations of the nerves that can result in some of the worst headaches you’ve experienced. The condition is often termed as a “loss of the spinal curve”.

Headaches are a sign something is wrong

At Comfort Chiropractic & Acupuncture, our resident chiropractor Dr. Orlasky will initially determine the underlying cause of your headaches. Once that is diagnosed, you will be entitled to a personalized treatment plan, specifically designed to treat your condition.

While sometimes, patients observe a noticeable difference in their condition following their first chiropractic adjustment, others may take more than that to feel the difference.

Rest assured, chiropractic is an effective and drug-free solution to get rid of your headaches and it’s never too late to start treatment.

When spinal nerves and related tissues are stretched or irritated...

When spinal nerves and related tissues are stretched or irritated… Throbbing headaches become a result of these issues. It’s usually the norm to just take medications to alleviate headaches and other pains caused, but unfortunately, you are hurting the problem by masking the pain and not actually correcting the underlying structural cause. Chiropractic care is recommended if a thorough examination indicates a reduced range of motion, mechanical restrictions, or loss of spinal curves. Dr. Orlasky will give you a detailed explanation and she’ll put together a care program tailored to your unique spinal problem. Another solution to spinal joint dysfunction would be specific chiropractic adjustments. These dysfunctions are often created by physical, chemical, and emotional stress and the adjustments will assist in correcting spinal joint dysfunctions.

How Our Chiropractor Can Help with Migraines

At Comfort Chiropractic, we help patients find relief from chronic migraine headaches. With Chiropractic care, patients report less severe, less frequent, and sometimes complete elimination of migraine headaches. Patients also enjoy the freedom from prescription and over the counter medications and their side effects.

Due to everyday stresses like anxiety, physical work, and chemical pollutants in the body, the spine often becomes subluxated, losing its proper alignment. These subluxations not only lead to muscle tensions and twitching, but also hinder the functionality of the nervous system, affecting the balance and wellness of the entire body. Subluxations located in the neck (or cervical spine) are believed to contribute to migraine headaches.

Dr. Linda Orlasky, uses gentle Chiropractic techniques to return migraine patients’ spines to proper alignment. This relieves patients’ muscle tension by achieving proper spinal alignment. A properly aligned spine also facilitates the normal functioning of the nervous system, allowing the brain to communicate freely with the rest of the body.

Headache Relief with Chiropractic Care

Dr. Linda Orlasky is a renowned highly-experienced Raleigh chiropractor with advanced training in chiropractic care to be able to find relief from chronic migraine headaches.

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