Learn how light and color affect the mind and body releasing blockages

Colorpuncture Healing

Colorpuncture is a system of bio-photonic therapy involving the application of specific frequencies of light (color) applied to reflex points and zones on the skin. The treatment is very gentle, non-invasive, and subtle in effect. During a treatment, a handheld light device with interchangeable glass rods is focused directly into the skin, using a predetermined set of points and color sequences based on the energy diagnosis of the patient. Each color produces a different wavelength or frequency that when applied to the body, sends specific information that is transmitted deep within, stimulating intra-cellular communication. This “communication” supports our physical health and emotional well being.

Scientists are now discovering that light is actually the medium by which cells communicate and is at the very basis of many body functions. In addition to the application of light frequency, Colorpuncture incorporates crystal therapy and induction therapy of the brainwave frequencies to the body points as well.

Colorpuncture serves as a wonderful adjunct for patients to address the non-physical origins of illness that exacerbate the physical symptoms.

What Can Colorpuncture Help Treat?

We now offer this as a treatment in our office and have seen many wonderful benefits from its use. Please contact Dr. Orlasky’s office to make an appointment.

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