Offering therapy for injuries, orthopedic conditions and many other conditions.

Physical Therapy is the Path to a Healthy Lifestyle

You can benefit from our integrated therapy if you have any work or sports related injuries, injuries from car accidents, orthopedic conditions, or pre and post-surgery and many other conditions.

Rest assured you are in good hands here at Comfort Chiropractics. Our staff are not only licensed but have extensive training as well as knowledge of the physiology of the human body, anatomy, and biochemics. We aim to find solutions to the underlying problems and provide you the relief from those symptoms and pains. In result, you will be able to return to living the life you love with our hands-on methods and specific therapeutic procedures such as:

Pain Management: This includes the use of moist heat, cryotherapy (ice), muscle stimulation, massaging, and ultrasound.

Therapeutic Exercise: We implement exercises that will strengthen stabilize the affected areas. Stretching also improves motion, muscle tone as well as balance. We design specific programs tailored to your condition to restore painless movement.

Manual Therapy (Hands-On): With manual therapy you we will stretch the restricted areas and strengthen weak muscles. Soft tissue massages along with joint mobilization and manipulation will help restore those affected areas and provide relief from the pain.

Physical Therapy can be Helpful in Your Rehabilitation

And assume leadership roles in rehabilitation; in prevention, health maintenance, and programs that promote health, wellness, and fitness. As health care professionals, we diagnose and treat individuals who have medical problems or other health-related conditions that limit their ability to move and perform functional activities of their daily lives. Dr. Orlasky will examine each individual and develop and implement a plan of care using various treatment techniques to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability. This diverse approach includes technical expertise in manual therapy, functional movement and corrective training.

How Can Physical Therapy Help You

Dr Orlasky will do the following:

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